Inspiring and equipping people and organisations to build a better world for all

Better-business toolkit

The Better-business course, consisting of multiple modules, is run over two or more days and equips participants with the know-how and tools to implement key processes and initiatives. 

Course description

The topics covered form the basis of a sustainability management system. The toolkit was developed in collaboration with the Bidvest Group and is based on a range of best-practice methodologies. The course has a strong experiential flavour, offering the opportunity to apply know-how. Participants not only receive the full slide set, but also an electronic copy of the 75-page toolkit manual, which expands on each of the course modules and offers useful website links.

Topics covered include:

  • A recap of the key sustainability issues we face and what principles need to guide our actions to build a better future for all. Note: participants will require a good understanding of sustainability, otherwise the Sustainability 101 module is recommended.
  • An overview of corporate sustainability trends and case studies of how leaders are using this field to drive innovation and competitiveness.
  • A summary of key compliance and guidance initiatives, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), JSE Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) index, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), ISO 26000 Social ResponsibilityKing Report on Corporate Governance and the UN Global Compact.
  • A know-your-status exercise to identify key gaps.
  • Start developing your business case for sustainability (determining what it means for your business).
  • The key processes that should be implemented within the organisation. This section forms the bulk of the training course and includes work-based modules on how to engage stakeholders, identify material issues, select indicators, develop a sustainability strategy and vision, set targets, allocate responsibilities, engage employees and build momentum, and review and report performance.
  • Depending on time budget (typically in longer in-house courses), additional sections will be covered and may include: greening your office, improving vehicle fleet efficiency, sustainable procurement, engaging employees and workplace wellness.

Short case-studies, video clips, numerous exercises and discussions will be used to enliven the sessions and deepen this experiential learning opportunity.

Who is this course for?

  • Executive and senior business managers
  • Sustainability and other managers
  • Other employees and sustainability champions tasked with implementing particular social or environmental aspects


Participants who complete this course will:

  • Have a good overview of sustainability in the business context.
  • Know their organisation's current sustainability performance.
  • Recognise how corporate leaders are redefining how business is done.
  • Have begun developing their business case for sustainability.
  • Be equipped to implement some of the most important sustainability management processes.


This a two-day course.
View public course dates, locations and investment here.
For in-house purposes the course structure, duration and content can be adjusted to suit specific needs.