Inspiring and equipping people and organisations to build a better world for all


Need to grow awareness and understanding? Robert regularly gives presentations on a range of topics to business, government departments and at conferences to help stimulate greater support and interest in our quest for sustainability. Topics include:

Human values for a better world
Who has ever sat down and consciously thought about their values? Not many of us! Yet they significantly influence our attitudes and behaviour. Many an organisation is now enthusiastically starting to tackle our social, economic and environmental debacles, yet they haven’t gone to the heart of the issue by assessing their own culture and the values they promote, and how these influence their thinking and action.

Sustainability – compass through the storm
Our environmental, economic and social problems seem to be brewing into a global storm that is challenging our worldview and the way we live. Some economists still talk about ‘growth without limits’, but a growing number of people is realising that ‘growth within limits’ is society’s key challenge. This presentation explores our major issues, how our society is responding and looks forward to what needs can be achieved.

The changing CEO language
Have you noticed how some front-runner Fortune 100 CEOs have started to change their world-view and the language they are using? Hear what CEOs such as Mike Duke of Walmart, Jeff Immelt of GE, Paul Polman of Unilever and others are saying and doing. Corporate culture and values is undergoing a profound transformation.

The making of Antarctic eco-warriors
In March 2011, Robert had the privilege of being invited by legendary explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan as a sustainability lecturer to the Antarctic on a deep-immersion environmental leadership expedition for corporate managers from 17 countries. This is the mesmerising, inspiring and humorous story of this expedition.

Climate Change
Robert is an Al Gore-trained Climate Reality Leader and can be booked for a pro bono presentation on this subject. Learn more about this issue – arguably the most significant issue we face – and its science, the predictions for the future, how it is already affecting us, what is already being done and what we need to do as a global society to manage it.