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“The course provided the much-needed ‘time out’ to contemplate the real issues facing our society. It instilled a renewed passion to keep on fighting and I was filled with hope to realize that there are many like us and our numbers are growing daily.”
Koos Bester, Director, EOH

“What is needed is a willingness to look inwards, and to understand and address the internal blockages that prevent us from responding courageously to the challenges of our time. This course is an important and highly appropriate step towards integrating conversations about our multiple crises and the need to change, both personally and as an organisation or company.”
Alison McCallum, Technical Director, Environmental Resources Management

“The course was a fantastic learning experience and inspiration that helped focus my activities and assured me that I am on the right path with my desire to learn more, educate others and live the talk.”
Sandra Makhatini; Senior Advisor: Technology (Eskom Telecommunications); Masters student at Sustainability Institute

“This course gave me perspective on MY world and how it fits into THE world. It challenged me to work out what changes I would like to see in the world around me, and what my role could be in making those a reality. I left with a greater understanding of global trends and myself as a person. The course played an important role in giving me the confidence to change careers. I now contribute to improving the social and environmental performance of African companies, and thus hopefully assisting our shift towards a sustainable society.”
Julia Wakeling; Consultant: Environmental Business Strategies



“Tell me,
what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver



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