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Virtuous Innovation

This is where it gets exciting: Businesses using sustainability practices to promote innovation across their organisation and supply chains.

Course description

Our global quest for sustainability calls for 'business-unusual'. This means there are no holy cows; everything is up for being reinvented. As organisations get to grips with our big issues, their impacts and their influence to effect change, they begin to innovate. This course covers numerous real-world examples to help you spark ideas, whatever your industry sector.

Topics covered in this half-day course include:

  • Objectives and trends of the sustainability-innovation drive.
  • Creating a culture of innovation.
  • Product and service innovation examples.
  • Business model innovation examples.
  • Operational innovation examples.

Discussions and application exercises will be used to enliven the sessions and deepen this experiential learning opportunity.


Participants who complete this course will learn about the principles that underpin business-unusual innovation and how to develop a culture of innovation. They will also work to apply innovation examples from global leaders to their organisations.


This a half-day course.
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For in-house purposes the course structure, duration and content can be adjusted to suit specific needs.