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Employee participation programme

Your company has progressed to the point where you want to get all employees involved, personally, in their communities and at work. 

Course description

This half to full-day workshop will help you set up a win-win programme to encourage culture change and work with employees to get involved in sustainability; and the evidence is that this helps create happier, healthier, and more committed and engaged employees.

Topics covered include:

  • The benefits (financial and other) of participation programmes.
  • Examples of participation programme initiatives.
  • Best practice success factors.
  • Begin designing a programme to suit your organisation.

Short case-studies, video clips, exercises and discussions will be used to enliven the sessions and deepen the learning experience.

Who is this course for?

  • Sustainability managers and champions.
  • Employees from other functions who will be involved in managing this programme.


Participants who complete this course will understand the benefits of an employee participation programme, be able to develop a business case for it and have a clear idea of what is required to make such a programme work within their organisation.


This workshop is available on request.
For in-house purposes the course structure, duration and content can be adjusted to suit specific needs.