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Training with Al Gore

I was at theĀ Climate Reality training in San Francisco with climate activists from 30+ countries. Out of 30 or so African delegates, only 4 made it to the US. The rest were denied visas. A ploy by the US energy industry ;-) or more likely just plain old discrimination?

Three days of intense networking and training at a fabulously organised event – hats off to the Climate Reality team. Training was provided by a variety of experts on topics such as using social media to expand the reach of campaigns, presentation skills, effective framing, the art of story telling and of course climate change (by the big man himself). It is inspiring to see how much time and energy Al Gore still invests in building support, when he could have long ago retired and led a restful life.

I have also been very invigorated by the enthusiasm and determination of the activists here. I was talking to one American who has given almost a hundred climate change talks in his spare time to communities about climate change. Impressive.

A short article on the experience under ‘Articles’.

Training with Al Gore in San Francisco

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