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Employee Activist

Does it seem like your top management doesn’t care or doesn’t get sustainability? What can you do to drive change?

Course description

A growing number of employees are frustrated with the lack of progress in their organisation; particularly when compared to what science demands and what corporate leaders are able to do. Maybe it is time for a gentle (or, if you like, not so gentle) ground-up internal revolution! This course will equip you as an employee activist to catalyse the positive change.

Topics covered include:

  • Why employee activism is so effective.
  • How to convince your CEO that sustainability is good for business.
  • Exploration of initiatives to shift management and colleague thinking.
  • Identifying leverage points and fertile ground for change within your orgnaisation.
  • Developing ideas for action within your organisation.

Short case-studies, video clips, exercises and discussions will be used to enliven the sessions and deepen the learning experience.

Who is this course for?

Any employee who would like to see their organisation do more about the issues we face.


Participants who complete this course will have learnt why employee activism is important, how it works and will have developed ideas to implement within their organisation.


This a half-day course (typically offered on a Saturday, in case you don't have management support).
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For in-house purposes the course structure, duration and content can be adjusted to suit specific needs.