Inspiring and equipping people and organisations to build a better world for all

Courses & Workshops — overview

Sustainability is becoming a megatrend and astute leaders are now using this thinking to invigorate their businesses. Besides being the ethical thing to do, they recognise the all-round competitive benefits of a people-planet-profit approach that goes way beyond compliance.

These courses, which are also available for in-house purposes, will assist you implement a better way of doing business and of course help you meet the growing expectations of initiatives such as the GRI, JSE SRI and the CDP. An experiential approach is adopted to maximise learning and apply the material to your organisational context.

Detailed course descriptions provided in the links below.
Course dates and locations are subject to arrangement with clients.

Sustainability 101
Develop a better grounding in this far-reaching subject, the issues we face and what needs to be done.

Better-business toolkit
This workshop, developed in conjunction with the Bidvest Group, covers key implementation essentials.

Virtuous innovation
This is where it gets really exciting: discovering how to use sustainability to innovate.

Employee participation programme
Learn how to set up a programme that gets all your employees involved. Available on request.

Walmart's about turn
Learn from Walmart's story: it is as compelling as it is informative. Available on request.

Working with values
A sustainability essential! Learn to work with values to accelerate your progress. Available on request.

While the courses below are aimed at people in their private capacity, some organisations may recognise their value for their sustainability journey. View scheduled course dates and locations here.

Employee activist
Your top management doesn’t get sustainability! And you want to do something about this.

Make life matter
You are ready to lead a life of greater meaning by becoming the change you want to see in the world.


Robert has helped us determine what sustainability meant for Bidvest; presented the concept of climate change and sustainability to divisional management, our businesses and the Bidvest Academy (a training programme for our young executives).  I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business wanting to further their sustainability progress.
Jack Hochfeld; Group communications executive; Chairman – Bidvest Group sustainability committee

Robert is a deeply knowledgeable and passionate speaker and activist. On our annual 2011 expedition to the Antarctic, his lectures, workshops and one-on-one engagements helped equip and inspire our team of 70 people – mostly business managers from 20 or so nations – to become more engaged environmental change leaders in their organisations and home countries. Some people talk about environmental change others deliver on it. Robert is a deliverer.
Robert Swan; founder of 2041; first person to walk to the North and South Poles.

We offer our strong support and endorsement for this course. The Better-business workshop helped initiate the difficult but necessary transition to a new, more integrative and inclusive framework for negotiating the complex business environment we face. The sessions were thought provoking, engaging, and created a deeper understanding of sustainable development and the role we should play.
Namsov Fishing Enterprises, Namibia